The Critical Care Society of Kenya is a medical society that was launched on the 30th of November, 2012. It was formed with these objectives in mind, aimed at ultimately improving the quality of and access to proper critical care in the country.

Continuous medical education

CCSK conducts educational activities to develop, increase and maintain knowledge, skills and professional perfomance among critical care practitioners

Scientific conferences / symposia

CCSK provides a platform for academicians and reseachers to share and acquire the latest and landmark knowledge in critical care

Improving medical social interactions

CCSK offers a platform for interaction amongst clinicians from various specialties to allow for better co-operation and productivity

Improving the face of critical care

Formulation of protocals, guidelines and training of clinicians to facilitate the running of critical care units across the country


The Critical Care Society of Kenya (CCSK) often partners with other societies and organisations in its ongoing activities.

Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists (KSA)

The Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists houses the CCSK. CCSK has also been using the KSA's secretariat for conference and workshop logistics and general correspondence. As CCSK we are grateful.

Kenya Intensive Care Nurses Chapter (CCN)

The CCSK closely works with the Kenya Intensive Care Nurses Chapter in improving critical care outcomes in the country. This is done through joint critical care educational programs.

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