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The Critical Care Society of Kenya was registered as a society under the societies act (1968) on 30th June 2016. The idea of forming this society was conceived on 31st May 2011 at a meeting attended by a few selected members of the Anaesthesia, Internal medicine and Paediatrics fraternity practicing in Nairobi City.

During this meeting, it was agreed that the care of critically ill patients in Kenya was inadequate in terms of both personnel and resources. There was a growing yet unmet need for equipment, numbers and sub-specialties of various cadres of trained employees to work with such patients. This need could not be met by any one of the already existing medical societies, in exclusion of the others.



All post graduate medical doctors could only be members of the amorphous Kenya Medical Association and members of their chosen field society. This was before a steering committee was mandated to draft the interim constitution of the Critical Care Society of Kenya (CCSK).

There are four categories of membership in the CCSK, dependent on the medical qualifications of the members and how the members interact with the society.

1. Full membership

Any qualified M.Med medical practitioner in public, full-time or part-time private practice and who has paid a membership fee of KShs. 5,000/= per annum and continues to pay annual subscription to the society at the same rate.

2. Associate membership

All past members of the Society who have emigrated from Kenya and to such other persons as the Executive Committee in its absolute discretion may elect from time to time. This comes with appropriate rights and privileges, as are enjoyed by Full Members.

3. Affiliate membership

It is open to all the other cadres of Health Service, that is, Non Master’s Degree Holders. Undergraduate Medical students in their final year of study and/or Medical Professionals who are training and/or on residency abroad, but are bonafide citizens of Kenya, may be granted Affiliate Membership of the Society. Affiliate Members of the Society may participate in the activities of the Society and attend its business meetings, but may not exercise the right to vote or be elected into office in the Society.

4. Honorary members

These are appointed/nominated at the discretion of the Executive Committee. They are not entitled to vote or hold office and are not required to pay membership or annual subscription fees.


Dr. David Misango

Senior Instructor
Aga Khan University, Nairobi

Vice Chairman
Dr. Emily Mugambi
Vice Chairman

Aga Khan University, Nairobi

Dr. Idris Chikophe

Consultant Anaesthesiologist
Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi

Dr. Isaac Adembesa

Specialist Anaesthetist
Private Practice