Advanced Mechanical Ventilation

Theme:   From Physiology To Bedside


January 07 to January 08 , 2020
Southern Sun, Nairobi, Kenya
Slots available: 46

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Mechanical Ventilation continues to be an evolving modality in the critical care environment. Microprocessor-controlled ventilation integrated with new ventilatory strategies has helped the ICU multidisciplinary team to optimise the care of critically ill ventilated patients. As members of this team, we are not only obliged to deeply understand the basic but also the advanced concepts of Mechanical Ventilation.


This shall be a two-day interactive symposium with the following intended objectives.

  • Understanding Mechanisms of Respirtory Failure
  • Understanding Patient-Ventilation Interaction
  • Optimization of Pulmonary Mechanics and Gas Exchange

Target Audience

Members of the ICU interprofessional team involved in the care of Mechanically Ventilatilated patients i.e. Intensivists, Anesthesiologists, Internists, Surgeons, Pediatricians, Registrars, Residents, Senior House Officers and Critical Care Nurses.